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For eons, folklore has blamed the Moon for everything from lunacy to bad luck. And, for the last few centuries, scientists have scoffed. Now, according to new research they're not so sure. The Moon may not be made of cheese, but it seems to influence a lot more down on Earth than we previously thought...

Reveal the mystical power of Moon with our Lunar Sign Calendar!

The calendar tells you how the Moon affects your body and chakras, advises you which day is the best for cutting hair, taking care about your skin, doing housework, gardening, etc.


The Moon is travelling in Taurus. The current phase of the Moon is Waxing Crescent. It has been 1 day since the last New moon.

Human body:  The Moon in Taurus affects the neck, thyroid gland, nape, larynx, tonsils, lower jaw, mandibular teeth, and ears.

Body care:  A period suitable for applying regenerating skin creams and for restoring and boosting massages.

Garden:  Root day with ascending force. This day is suitable for sowing and planting trees, bushes, hedges, and root vegetables that are intended for storage, preserving and storing root vegetables.

Chakra:  The Moon in Taurus affects Muladhara (1st chakra), and Vishuddha (5th chakra). You can harmonize these chakras with following colours, stones, and essences.

Colour:  RedRed, Light BlueLight Blue

Stones:  AgateAgate, HematiteHematite, Red JasperRed Jasper, GarnetGarnet, Red CoralRed Coral, RubyRuby, AcquamarineAcquamarine, TurquoiseTurquoise, ChalcedonyChalcedony

Essence:  Cedar, Rose Apple, Sage, Eucalyptus

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